Multibillion-dollar companies and VCPs are choking the lifeblood out of your business.

Manufacturers and middlemen have rigged the system to stay ludicrously profitable while your business’ profits continue to shrink.

What’s the catch?

Tired of your “partners” taking all of the profits while you do all of the work?

Money-hungry corporations are double & triple dipping into your profits while VCPs are chipping away at your reimbursements and stealing your choices.

Take back control of your business

Reduce your dependence on VCPs and corporations by overhauling your supply chain and establishing relationships with suppliers that leave room for you to profit.


Done correctly, this destroys the barrier that’s standing between your business and tremendous profits, choosing any vendor you want, and extraordinary patient care.

Reducing your dependence on VCPs and corporate partners can be scary, but our training will show you how to do it perfectly… the very first time.

The path to  overhauling your supply chain is riddled with opportunities for things to go wrong. A single element executed incorrectly can have massive impact on your profits.

To do this successfully, you need the right education and strongly negotiated relationships.

Free training that leaves no stone unturned

Reduce your dependence on VCPs and corporations by dramatically upgrading your supply chain.

Done correctly, this demolishes the barrier that’s standing between your business and tremendous profits, choosing any vendor you want, and extraordinary patient care — with ZERO drop in quality.

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Relationships that make massive profits possible

Reducing your dependence on corporate partners and VCPs is impossible without relationships that allow you to achieve maximum profit.

Whether it’s frames, lenses (stock & generated), edgers, direct billing, credit card processing, and more… our partners offer the absolute lowest rates of any group in the industry, without sacrificing any quality.

Our negotiated rates are frequently twice as low as the next-best rates in the industry. We find some offices paying over 5x as much for some lenses & coatings.

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What people are saying about Pivotal

Doctor Sylte

Working with Pivotal has allowed me to be much more independent from big optical and vision plans. I’ve told many friends and colleagues that they’re crazy not to sign up. Most of us own our businesses, and Pivotal allows us to do things the way we want, not the way big optical and vision plans want.

Dr. Sylte, O.D.
New London, WI
Doctor Jorgensen

Pivotal Group has been a tremendous partner to my private practice. My lab costs are significantly lower, which produces a solid profit line. Their lab partner’s lenses are high quality, their anti-glare treatments are the BEST I have seen, and patients are loving their vision!

Dr. Jorgensen, O.D.
Benton, LA
Heather H, Opitician

Our costs have dropped dramatically, and our optical profits have soared since becoming members. I was hesitant in the beginning because Pivotal’s claims sounded “too good to be true”. Their lens pricing was so low that I asked if it was per lens, or for the pair. We finally took the leap, and couldn’t be happier!

Heather H., Optician
San Marcos, TX

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Reclaim your independence starting today

Become a member for FREE and learn how to:

  • Double your net profit (to upwards of 40%+).
  • Free yourself up to work with any vendor you want.
  • Deliver better patient care than your competitors.
  • Lower your liability risk.

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