Competitor-crushing low prices on the industry’s best products

We want you to make the maximum profit possible.

Most corporations and buying groups greedily line their pockets by marking up their negotiated rates 2-3x or, even worse, taking a percentage of your gross. We want you to make the maximum profit possible, not us, so we pass on our negotiated rates with little-to-no markup at all. This is why our rates are dramatically cheaper than anyone else in the industry.

What's the catch?

Profit Point #1: Deep discounts on edgers & stock for in-house finishing

One of the fastest ways to skyrocket profits and convert more customers is finishing lenses in-house. We don’t just teach you how to do it profitably — we’ve also secured the lowest prices in the industry for everything you need.

From steep discounts on basic through industry-leading edgers, to stock prices that are often half of what our members were paying previously for plastic uncoats, ultra hydrophobic, and anti-static premium coats with the highest index lenses — we’ll boost your profits on all of it.

If you’re not edging in-house, you’re losing profit daily.

Profit point #2: Generated lab that generates profits

Still not interested in edging in-house, or do you have a patient with a more challenging prescription? Not a problem — our generated lab partner leaves a lot of room for profits too.

Whether you need truly freeform, digital progressives or single vision, lifestyle lenses like low add progressives & high wrap sunglasses, or industry-leading multilayered AR and mirror coats — we’ve negotiated rates for our members that our competitors can’t even come close to matching.

To top it off, our members’ return and remake policy is the best in the industry: up to two-year warranties, two free remake allowances, and no need to return lenses or wait for credits.

You won’t find a generated lab more eager to help their clients succeed than ours.

Profit point #3: Frame pricing that actually leaves room for markup

Big-brand frames are a critical element of your boards, but if you don’t monitor them closely, they’ll take a HUGE bite out of your profits.

We teach our members how to optimize boards for maximum profit, and connect them to over 40 lines of frames, ranging from handmade Italian titanium frames that command hundreds at full retail, to Medicaid-quality frames that satisfy bare minimums.

Breakeven frames sales due to VCP restrictions are a thing of the past for our members.

Other profit points: Credit card processing, off-site billing, and more

From effective credit card processing rates as low as 1.78% that we pass on at our negotiated rate with zero markup, to off-site billing that will boost your average exam reimbursement by 20-40%…

Nothing demonstrates how much we care about our members’ profits more than the relationships we’ve negotiated for them.

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What's the catch?