How not being a Pivotal Group member could be costing your business thousands

The Top 5 Completely False Misconceptions of Pivotal Group

Leaving Pivotal Group’s website without applying is choosing to walk away from up to tens of thousands of dollars per year in savings — no exaggeration.

We’ve specifically designed our membership so that doctors have nothing to lose, but thousands of dollars to gain.

If you’re writing us off due to one of these five false misconceptions, consider giving us another look.

Misconception #1:  Pivotal Group isn’t truly free — there MUST be hidden fees

We know it’s hard to believe due to how alliances and buying groups have gouged their members for years, but Pivotal Group membership is truly 100% free to join, keep, or cancel.

No upsells, no signup fees, no monthly fees, and no cancellation fees. Members are never charged ANY fees at all, whatsoever.

If you sign up and decide Pivotal Group isn’t for you, send us an email and we’ll remove you from our members area and email list — no questions asked.

Misconception #2:  Pivotal Group membership will limit or conflict with my other groups/alliances

Your other discounts and memberships are not at all limited, restricted, replaced, or affected by joining Pivotal Group.

If you prefer our partners and discounts over your other memberships, alliances, or groups, we hope you’ll use them, but you’re never forced to.

You are not obligated to change your business in any way when you choose to become a Pivotal Group member.

We want you to use our partners because they’re higher-quality and remarkably more affordable than your current supplier. But we will never force you to, nor will we restrict/limit your ability to do business with other companies in any way.

Misconception #3:  The massive discounts are due to inferior technology or quality

Our members get such incredible pricing because we connect them directly to manufacturers/suppliers, NOT because the supplies are lower quality.

It’s distinctly possible that our full-service lab partner has fulfilled jobs for your business in the past, but as a wholesaler in the supply chain, whose pricing was marked up 3-4x by middlemen before it was passed on to your practice.

Pivotal Group enables you to order directly from our lab partner, eliminating any and all middlemen in-between (ourselves included!) so you get the best pricing possible directly from the source.

And if you’re still worried about quality — all new members receive two comped jobs and two jobs half-off so that you can experience the quality for yourself.

Members who were previously paying over $200 for lenses that our lab partner charges only $37 for have commented that they can’t see any difference in quality.

This is how some of our members are saving $3,000, $5,000, $7,000 or more every month with zero quality loss.

Misconception #4:  Your membership only applies to doctors who opt-out or go out-of-network

It doesn’t matter if you’re in an opt-out state or not: Pivotal Group can save you a lot of money.

We have hundreds of members in states where opting-out and going out-of-network isn’t possible, and although they can’t do everything that doctors in opt-out states can, there are still massive savings on the table for Pivotal Group members.

We’re happy to show you how to make the most of them using your free membership.

Misconception #5:  All of your sourcing must be based outside of the U.S. for pricing this low

Not even close!

Almost all of our partners are based partially or completely out of the United States. You won’t encounter any delayed shipping or low-quality supplies that many low-cost groups are known for.