Do less work, make more money.

Reclaiming your independence from big corporations & VCPs allows for better patient care, less stress, and significantly more profit.

What’s the catch?

You will succeed if you follow our training.

We teach our members everything they need to succeed when overhauling their supply chain to achieve 30%, 35%, 40%, or higher profit margins.

You will see transformational growth in your profits while seeing fewer patients, but every step has to be handled perfectly to maximize profits.

Savings from a real customer

$169.00 frame, standard single vision poly.

In Network
Patient Copay $15.00
Frame Reimbursement $74.50
SV Reimbursement $7.25
Patient Extra Allowance $1.00
Additional Frame Payment $10.00
SV Chargeback -$7.75
Frame Cost -$20.00
Net Profit $95.78
Out of Network with Pivotal
Patient Out of Pocket $144.30
Frame Reimbursement $70.00
SV Reimbursement $30.00
Patient Extra Allowance N/A
Additional Frame Payment N/A
Frame Cost -$6.00
Lens Cost -$20.00
Net Profit $212.28

From the first phone call to final reimbursement

Your profit margins will grow with every interaction you have with your patient.

From the very first phone call, to setting expectations during the exam, to explaining insurance benefits, to customer checkout: we teach you every opportunity to increase your profits without dramatically increasing patient out-of-pocket cost.

The truth about reducing your dependence on VCPs

VCPs depend on you believing that your business needs them — you don’t.

But taking back control of your business and profit margins by upgrading your supply chain has to be executed correctly, which you’ll be an expert at by the time you finish our training.

Prepare yourself for success.

All of our members receive FREE access to an abundance of tools, customizable documents, a massive library of video training, webinars, phone support, and more.




Credit Card Processing

Off-Site Billing

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All rates offered to our members crush our next-best competitor, beating most of the industry by 50-70% or more.

What's the catch?