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We can keep telling you how different we are from other companies in this industry, but we thought we’d let our members do the talking for us.

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REAL Member Testimonials

“My immediate reaction upon seeing our first lab order from Pivotal’s lab partner was “Holy crap, that’s awesome!”

Definitely exceeded my expectations on lens edge thickness. At dispense, patient was blown away as well at both aesthetics and clarity of vision.

I was also very pleased with the status updates during job tracking and the turnaround time. Great job Pivotal’s lab partner! And thank you Zeke Agee and Mark Sturm for your assistance and hooking us up with a great lab!”

~ Dr. T., Ohio

“First, I want to say thank you.

I started cold 4 yrs ago, and boy were we making some mistakes! I’ve started using Pivotal’s lab & stock lens partners, Pivotal Billing, and their CC processing partner and I am very pleased with the results thus far.

You guys have obviously put in a great deal of time and effort starting this group and within a few months, I’m already seeing a measurable difference in my practice…for free! So a deep, deep, heartfelt thank you.”

~ Dr. C., Florida

“Got a call from ABB today wondering why our lab orders (read: lab bill) were so much lower this month!

Thanks Pivotal!”

~ Dr. W., Kentucky

“It’s only been a few months since the switch, but we have noticed a SIGNIFICANT decrease in our processing fees. 

Either it’s a really good deal, or we were getting totally screwed before!”

~ Dr. C., Florida

“Thanks Pivotal for cutting our optical lab bills drastically! My partner and I are nearing the two year mark of ownership of a buyout, and this has been a game changer! Awesome products and service! Hope everyone is taking advantage of this opportunity to the fullest.

As an example, I saw a VSP discount plan patient last week. I told her we could give her a better deal than her 20% off VSP “plan”. We can offer her a better price and we can save money in the process. Hoping to convert more of those type plans in the future.

Also, the sunglasses sales are rocking being able to offer great deals to our patients for second pairs. Thanks again!!!”

~ Dr. W., Kentucky

“Pivotal is the biggest no-brainer that I have encountered in the past 7 years of practice ownership.

A rare combination of great pricing without sacrificing quality. We have yet to have a non-adapt for the progressive lens.

I’ve reached out to Zeke for specific questions about the office lens, and he was lightening quick to respond with a lengthy explanation.”

~ Dr. H., California

“If you cut onsite, you cannot beat pivotal and their stock pricing. Been with them since last fall. Still do a lot of essilor since I’m with VS, but use pivotal any chance I can.”

~ Dr. T., Texas

“I’ve been really happy with the Pivotal products since we started using them about 6 months ago. However, I was getting a vibe from my staff that they think the Pivotal progressives CAN’T be as good as expensive branded lenses like Varilux lenses. So I designed a little experiment to help us find out.

I ordered two pairs of glasses with identical parameters: Rx, frame, PD and SH. The only difference was the lens design. One pair is made using Pivotal’s lab partner’s top of the line lens, the other pair was the top of the line Varilux lens. Both had their best A/R coatings.

The results: I honestly could not discern a significant difference between the two pairs. I really compared them side-by-side at distance, computer and near tasks. I THINK the Varilux may have a SLIGHTLY better distance vision in the far periphery, but I also think Pivotal’s high-end lens was SLIGHTLY better up close (I don’t have to lift my chin as much).

Maybe the most significant difference was from the A/R coatings. The Crizal Sapphire felt a bit smoother than Pivotal’s lab partner’s HE. If anything, I think is translates to better smudge resistance and possible longevity, but only time will tell. We haven’t had any gripes from patients in the past 6 months of using Pivotal’s lab partner’s products.

I think my staff thought I would put on the Varilux lens and expect it to be so much better, but in reality the difference wasn’t there at all, even when I tried to look for differences. Certainly not worth the huge difference in COGS.

Before the experiment I told the staff that if the Varilux is that much better we would offer it in out top-of-the-line package for a price that would have to be $150-$200 more than the top of the line package using Pivotal’s lab partner’s lens. I don’t think we will even bother with that.”

~ Dr. H., Missouri

“By the way, I LOVE PIVOTAL’S LAB PARTNER! They are saving me a fortune with outstanding lens quality.”

~ Dr. M., Oregon

“Our finishing lab bills went down precipitously over the last month. I’m loving Pivotal.”

~ Dr. W., Kentucky

“Zeke and Mark, many thanks for what you are doing.

It’s exactly what our profession needs to continue thriving as independent optometrists.

I’ve been singing your praises with anyone who will listen and will continue to do so.”

~ Dr. H., California

“My financial manager (my wife) flipped out today. We joined Pivotal and our lab bill is 3 thousand dollars less now 2 months in a row.

I’m so excited Dr. J. referred us!

I wanted the group to know because this might be the greatest advice I could give.”

~ Dr. L., Louisiana

“I have use this group and their lab and I’m getting very good service. Lab costs are down speed is up, and we are pounding the big boxes.”

~ Dr. F., Ohio

“I kid you not…when I tell you its 1/5th the price of an Essilor lab…if you want to save money…this is the place to go.”

~ Dr. P., Texas

“Switched over to Pivotal’s lab partner for ALL my private jobs about 3 mos ago and never have looked back.

We traditionally used all higher end progressives such as Auto II/ III’s. Pivotal’s lab’s lenses have been great and we haven not had 1 single NON ADAPT since.

I would encourage anyone to use Pivotal’s lab to the max as you will start to see huge profits without sacrificing any quality.”

~ Dr. W., New York

“I just wanted to say that I’ve been using Pivotal’s lab partner for my private jobs the past several months and have been really happy.

All of my patients love the highest-end lenses and the HE Anti-Reflective has held up nicely as well.

So if anyone is on the fence about using them I’d definitely recommend them, I love seeing my bottom line on all of the invoices.”

~ Dr. W., Tennessee

“Mark, this “thing” you’ve created has been one of the most satisfying enterprises, from my side of the fence, that I’ve witnessed in my career.

The lab experience has been the hub and Zeke deserves a lot of credit. Defending nitpicky optical questions is tricky and he’s done an admirable job.

Pivotal has improved our patient experience which is paramount.

I actually chortled this morning when my coworker/optician told me what our Zeiss and Opticraft lab bills had dwindled to and how much our Pivotal lab bill had grown. Good job man!”

~ Dr. M., Oregon

“I have had awesome results in the 3 months I’ve been using Pivotal’s lab partner as well.

Not only have I had 0 complaints from patients my bank account is A LOT healthier lately!”

~ Dr. W., New York

“Nothing but good things to say about the folks from Pivotal”

~ Dr. N., Washington

“Take a leap of faith! There’s no fee to join. They helped me opt of eyemed when eyemed rejected me twice.

I just signed my new contract yesterday and I’m ready to use my own lab for eyemed now! Remember, essilor supplies online companies with their lenses.

Ask your rep. They don’t even try to deny it.”

~ Dr. N., Texas