Why every independent optometrist in the U.S. should be a Pivotal Group member

Five Reasons EVERY Independent O.D. Should Join Pivotal Group

Pivotal Group is the fastest-growing optometric and optical buying group in the world.

Here are the top five reasons every independent optometrist in the United States should join Pivotal Group, 100% free for life, today…

Reason #1:  Many of our members are saving thousands of dollars per month vs. their former buying groups and alliances

Even the most established buying groups and alliances in the country don’t come close to our pricing — with absolutely zero quality loss.

How much would you save if the equivalent of your $200+ lenses were lowered to just $37 overnight?

Better yet, what if you tried the two lenses side-by-side (ours vs. theirs) in the same pair of frames and couldn’t see ANY difference in quality?

This is the experience new members are having every day at Pivotal Group.

We’re so confident that you’ll be blown away by our full-service lab partner that all new members get two comped lab jobs + two jobs for half-off to see the difference themselves.

Reason #2:  We don’t take ANY money OUT of your business — we’re strictly focused on how we can help put more money IN

Pivotal Group doesn’t charge any membership dues or take a percentage of your business.

After some members join and see our pricing, they’re kind of upset about that.

Not because they want us to charge fees, but because our prices crush our competitors who are charging fees, or even up to 3% of doctors’ gross revenue.

We know it sounds “too good to be true,” but there are truly zero fees, upsells, or “fine print” that are going to change the way you do business.

Pivotal Group was founded by a team that was sick and tired of this industry’s astronomical profiteering, and we decided to do something about it.

Reason #3:  We negotiate A LOT more than just frames and lenses

Our stock lens partner, full-service lab partner, and frames partners are incredible — you’ll be very pleased by our selection and industry-leading discounts.

But unlike most groups, we don’t stop there.

We’ve negotiated the best credit card processing rates any of our members have ever seen (to this day, no member’s previous rates have beat it).

We’ve partnered with an up-and-coming payroll provider that blows ADP & Paychex out of the water.

We’ve arranged for tremendous discounts on optical showroom design & furniture, remote billing services, optical supplies, and more.

The list continues to grow with new discounts and partners each quarter and, more often than not, nobody in the industry beats the rates we negotiate for our members.

And again, we do all of this for our members 100% free-of-charge.

Reason #4:  Absolutely identical (or higher) quality than your current suppliers

If you think we’re accomplishing all of this using anything but the highest-quality suppliers, you’re in for a BIG surprise.

Pivotal Group only works with partners that have remarkably high quality standards & QC processes.

If you’re picturing flimsy frames, anti-reflective crazing, or botched lab jobs — you’ll be shocked when you hold our suppliers’ frames & lenses next to your current suppliers.

Ours will have cost 30% to 50% less than your current supplier, but you won’t be able to detect any difference.

We’ve had some of the hardest-nosed doctors in the United States put our suppliers’ through the ringer trying to prove us wrong (often publicly on ODwire), and every single one of them have been blown away by Pivotal Group’s quality.

Reason #5:  We don’t employ any gimmicks or games

Pivotal Group focuses exclusively on decreasing your bottom line so you can be a better, more profitable doctor.

We don’t disguise high prices using rewards programs, offer “free equipment” incentives that are designed to make you pay 5x as much as you would have otherwise, etc.

If you want a free mousepad or clock radio, Pivotal Group isn’t going to be the membership for you.

BUT, if you want to reduce your patient’s costs by as much as $100 – $200 per pair of glasses, while also making more profit yourself…

Or if you simply want to keep all of the profits while providing your patient with a product of identical or higher quality…

Pivotal Group is for you.

We’ve designed it specifically so that you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

And that is why every independent optometrist in the United States should be a free lifetime member.