another test

This is Just a Standard H2 (Source Serif Pro)

An H3 like this would be nice, but not if it risks affecting the global styles across the rest of our site.

This is what the body text looks like (18px Source Sans Pro).

The things I like about Hubspot’s landing page template, that I would like made available on a custom page template on WordPress, are:

  • The header section above with an H1 containing the page’s title.
  • The main content width is smaller, making it easier to read and appearing less like a “gigantic wall of text”.
  • You’ll notice the widget with a call to action on the right side of this page. I prefer to button styling of our WordPress website, but I like the functionality of this page’s widget (and how it’s “stickied” to follow the user as they scroll down the page.
  • Of course, all of this would need to be implemented with mobile responsiveness in mind.

So that’s it! I’d like to have a custom page template designed within our WordPress visual editor (WITHOUT using Divi) that gives me the following elements from this page:

  • A header area like you see at the top of this page.
  • A slimmer body content area for easier reading.
  • A widget on the right that “sticks” as the reader scrolls.

Keeping in mind that…

  • None of these updates can affect the global styles throughout the rest of our website.
  • All of it needs to be fully responsive for mobile viewing.