Pivotal Lab Network’s Technology & How It Compares to Your Current Lab (4m 44s)

One-Sentence Synopsis: A lot of new members skeptically think Pivotal Lab Network is cutting corners regarding the lab technology to achieve such low prices, but Zeke explains why that’s absolutely not the case in this video.

What you’ll learn: 

  • What a “digital” lens design really means, for those who aren’t 100% sure.
  • How much conventional-heavy practices will benefit from PLN vs. digitally-focused practices.
  • The answer to, “What’s Pivotal Group’s discount for [insert any brandname lens]?”
  • How to get your hands on some sample lenses so that you and your staff can see first-hand that they perform just as well as the brand names you’re used to, but for 50% – 75% less.

Why it’s important to your success: As Dr. Sturm explained in our last video lesson, an allegiance to branded lenses (who are now using your money to turn around and directly compete against you) is slowly snuffing out the market for independent ODs.

Doctors who change their sourcing sooner rather than later are much more likely to thrive.

But you can’t risk putting your patients in sub-par lenses using inferior technology, so it’s important to understand that PLN’s lab & lens technology performs just as well as the brand names you’re paying 2-4x as much for.

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