PLN Dallas (EDO) Lab Policies

These policies are set and administered by the partner lab itself: Pivotal does not set or enforce policy for partner labs. We will endeavor to update this page as often as we receive updates from the lab partner about policy changes. For any questions about policy, credits, or any other questions on the lab program, shoot an email to Thank you for your membership and participation!

Guiding Philosophy

Patient care and customer service for your customer is first and foremost. Our mindset is to do whatever it takes to take care of the patient. Policies, warranties, industry standards, etc. will never be a barrier to do what is right and we will work with you to achieve a successful outcome.

You take care of the patient and we will take care of you.

Account Remakes:

90 Day No Fault Remake
To guarantee patient satisfaction, an order may be remade once in the first 90 days at no charge, equal or lesser value. This remake does not affect any scratch or AR warranties. The overall account remake rate must be 5% or lower to qualify for this remake reason. Any additional account remakes within 90 days will be invoiced at 50% off.

AR and Scratch Warranties
All lenses with AR coating of any type from EDO have a 2-year, 2-time scratch warranty. If your patient scratches their lenses and initially orders any AR coating, we will replace them at no charge. To expedite the remake, please use the scratch warranty remake process of the order portal. Non AR or mirror-coated lenses do not have a scratch warranty unless the account adds warrantied hardcoat, which enables a 1 year 1 time warranty.

Late Cancel
A job may be cancelled for no charge if it has not begun. Jobs cancelled after start will be credited at 50%. Any job which has shipped cannot be cancelled until lenses are returned to the lab for credit.

Lab Remakes:

All lenses made at EDO are inspected while maintaining ANSI standards and regulations. If a lens is defective for any reason, please return it to the lab within 30 days and we will either remake the order at no cost or cancel the order and issue a 50% credit. To request a lab error remake, please clearly explain the issue with the lenses received to help ensure we make a perfect pair the second time. Uncuts received with scratches should not be edged if utilizing a lab remake: please inspect uncut lenses prior to edging or they may not be credited. Lab Redos must be submitted with the same specifications as the original order and must be received by EDO within 30 days of the original lab ship date.

Return of Lenses:

All lab remakes (lab errors) and all shipped late cancels must be returned to the lab in order to receive credit. Other remakes do not need lenses returned unless requested by the lab specifically.

Credit Requests:

Credit requests must be made within 120 days of the initial invoice/order ship date.

Free Lenses!

Free Pairs for New EDO Customers:

Each new account is granted two (2) complementary pairs of lenses intended to allow clients to verify the quality of EDO’s work before they begin ordering. The following lenses options qualify for free pairs:

• Lens Designs: All Verity Series Lenses
• Materials: CR-39, Poly, Trivex, 1.60, or 1.67
• Colors: Clear
• Coatings: Hard Coating; All AR, Tint, and Solid/Flash Mirror Options
• Overpower, High Prism, or special-order jobs do not qualify for the complementary lenses.

Free Annual Pair for Existing EDO Customers:

All employees of an EDO customer may receive one free pair per calendar year and a 50% discount on all subsequent pairs within the year. The free annual pair must adhere to the same qualifying options as the above new customer pairs. Friends and family of EDO customers may receive the 50% discount but do not qualify for the annual free pair.


Free Shipping From the Lab to You!
EDO does not charge Pivotal members for outgoing shipments (shipments from the lab to the account).

Shipping to the Lab
The account is responsible for shipping frames, returns, warranties, and any other incoming shipping from the account to the lab. You may use any method to accomplish this, but it is recommended that you use a trackable and insured method, as EDO will not be responsible for any lost or damaged product on shipments incoming to the lab. EDO is happy to provide shipping labels for shipments to the lab (ex: Frames) but will invoice the account at the time the labels are created at the same flat rate per shipment. We reserve the right to increase this fee on a per-account basis for extended zones or in any case where UPS pricing is deemed to be too far above average cost.

Patients’ Own Frames Policy:

While we’re happy to fit our lenses into patients’ own frames, we cannot be held liable for any issues with fit, pre- existing damage, damage including frame breakage during production at EDO, or other concerns when we work on these jobs. We HIGHLY recommend that you require your patients to sign a waiver before sending the frame to the lab.

Tint Matching:

EDO never guarantees a matched tint and will not refund any of the lens or service or shipping costs for such jobs.