How to Read Pivotal Lab Network’s Price List (4m 43s)

One-Sentence Synopsis: Most labs in this industry have remarkably confusing price lists by design to keep you locked in — we’ll show you how quick and easy Pivotal Lab Network’s price list is to read, and how to compare it to the lenses you sell patients every day.

What you’ll learn: 

  • To be careful that you’re comparing apples-to-apples; our price list is per pair where many labs’ price lists are per lens (2x the price).
  • Which lens designs are good for which use case: what to order for high-wrap & sunglasses, what to order for office & computer glasses, etc.
  • Which lenses are comparable to your Tier 5 progressives.
  • Where you’ll find lens add-ons & extras such as anti-reflective, Transitions, and more.

Why it’s important to your success: 

We’ve heard several times when members don’t engage with Pivotal Lab Network, “Your pricing wasn’t that much better,” which we know is impossible — nobody in this industry comes close to our lab pricing without significant quality loss.

100% of the time when we’ve encountered this statement, it’s been due to a member misreading our price list or not realizing their price list shows cost per lens, whereas our price list shows costs for both lenses.

Don’t make a quick mistake that’ll cost you more than $50K over the next 12 months. Let our Co-Founding Optician, Zeke Agee, walk you through our price list in <5 minutes.