“Why Is Pivotal Group’s Lab Pricing So Cheap?” (3m 34s)

One-Sentence Synopsis: Members are VERY often suspicious of the massive price difference between Pivotal Lab Network and all other labs — here Dr. Sturm explains exactly why the gap is so wide, and why you shouldn’t be at all concerned about the quality.

What you’ll learn: 

  • What’s so different about Pivotal Group that allows our lens pricing to be suspiciously low?
  • Is there any quality difference between the performance of PLN’s lens designs vs. the higher-cost labs?
  • How these low costs relate to our lens performance, after being thoroughly investigated by hundreds of ODs all over the United States.
  • How Pivotal Group’s ownership structure, efficiency, lack of lab reps, etc. dramatically lower cost vs. what you’re used to seeing in this industry.

Why it’s important to your success: If you “write off” Pivotal Lab Network because of a common psychological phenomenon that’s often incorrect (more expensive = better), you’ll be overpaying for lenses as long as you’re in business.